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Trinity UMC – Ewing, a Methodist church proud of our Wesleyan heritage that proudly flies a rainbow flag declaring to the world that every human is created in God's image – created as community.  We affirm that our community is stronger because of its diversity in age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and depth of both faith and doubt.  We are not a community of easy answers preferring instead to be a community that empowers every person to explore questions of faith and action in safety.  We are a faith-in-action community where individuals engage the world through loving service.  ​

Rental Page

Is My Event a Rental?

Your event is a rental if it falls into any of the following categories (though this list is not exhaustive and Trinity reserves the right to refuse use of this space at our discretion). 

Rentals types include, but are not limited to, parties, showers, wedding receptions, dinners, concerts, fundraisers, regular meetings, support groups, classes, and symposia.

Trinity may refuse any rental at any time but Trinity will not rent to any person or group for events where alcohol, tobacco, or gambling are involved. 

We adhere to traditional Methodist policy and therefore oppose the use of alcohol, tobacco, and gambling of all sorts. While we welcome and host many family gatherings and parties we respectfully request that  you understand our position on alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.


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