Best Hisense TV in 2024 - our top picks (2024)

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For this guide, we have looked closely at the Hisense TVs available on the market today and selected some of the best ones. We have picked these TVs based on screen size, display type, resolution, and other important aspects from a consumer’s perspective. With that said, we’re constantly looking for new products to add to our guide and keep it up-to-date, so do check back in with us again soon.

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  • 4K QLED display
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI 2.1 ports


  • No Dolby Atmos

If you’re on the hunt for the best QLED TV from Hisense, we’d recommend checking out this model from the Hisense U7 lineup, which has also made it to our list of the best mini-LED TVs.

The TV sports a QLED display with mini LEDs, which should deliver better contrast, local dimming, and color than an LED TV. Plus, Hisense’s ULED technology promises to enhance brightness, color, contrast, and motion, so you can expect good picture quality. The TV also features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which should make it suitable for your home theatre setup.

The Hisense TV comes with Google TV built-in, so you can access your favorite TV shows and movies across multiple streaming apps in one place. Plus, you get voice assistant support with Google Assistant, which should make controls more convenient for you.

For gaming, you get a 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 compatibility, so you should be able to play games in 4K resolution at 120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.It has very low input lag and fast response times, allowing you to experience smoother and more responsive gameplay with minimal motion blur. Moreover, it supports variable refresh rate technology to eliminate screen tearing.



  • 4K QLED display
  • HDMI 2.1 ports
  • High brightness levels


  • Expensive option

If you have a bigger budget and want a more recent TV, we highly recommend the U8 Series 55-inch TV.

Just like the U7 Series, the U8 TVs, too, use mini-LED backlighting, which should give you more precise lighting, improved brightness, and contrast levels. Plus, the TV canreach 1,500 nits peak brightness along with an anti-glare screen, which should make it a strong contender for one of the best TVs for bright rooms.

Along with this, the TV features a 2.1.2 multi-channel audio system, which should deliver an immersive audio experience. This system also includes two overhead speakers, so if you’re looking for a TV to fit into your home theatre, then this one can be a good match.

As far as gaming is concerned, this TV has a native refresh rate of 144Hz, which should run your AAA games quite well. Additionally, it supports variable refresh rates to eliminate screen tearing when the frame rate is unstable. You also get HDMI 2.1 ports, which should make it easy for you to connect your consoles to the TV and play in 4K at 120Hz.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best 55-inch TV for you, but want to stick to a budget, we’d say this is a great option to consider.



  • 4K LED display
  • Dedicated sports mode
  • HDR support


  • 60Hz refresh rate

If you want a smaller, budget-friendly TV, then we think this model from the Hisense A6 series is worth looking at.

The TV sports a 43-inch display, which makes it a good contender for one of the best TVs for the bedroom. The TV has an LCD panel, so you can expect decent contrast and local dimming. You get a 4K resolution, which should look stunning on a 43-inch screen. Plus, the TV supports multiple HDR formats, which should deliver realistic picture quality with better contrast.

As far as streaming is concerned, the TV has Google TV integrated into it, so you can access your favorite TV shows and movies across multiple streaming apps in one place. Plus, you get Google Assistant, which should make controls easier with voice commands.

For sports content, you get a dedicated mode, which should give you a better viewing experience when watching your favorite NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL teams. If you enable the sports mode, the TV automatically optimizes the settings to deliver smoother motion and better colors.

Although this TV does not have many gaming-oriented features, it does have a 60Hz refresh rate along with low input lag, which should be sufficient for casual gaming.

As far as the best 43-inch TVs go, we think this is a strong contender if you’re trying to save some cash.



  • FHD resolution
  • DTS Virtual: X sound
  • Android OS


  • 60Hz refresh rate

If you want a smaller 32-inch TV, then you should check out this model from the Hisense A4 series.

Unlike all the other products listed here, this TV has a 1080p resolution, which should look nice on its smaller screen due to its high pixel density. It sports an LCD panel with a full array backlight, which should deliver better contrast and brightness compared to regular LCD displays. Along with this, the TV features DTS Virtual: X, so you can expect immersive audio.

As far as smart features are concerned, this TV shares quite a few features with the best 32-inch smart TVs. The TV runs on Android OS, which should make it easy for most people to navigate and use it. You can easily search for your favorite movies and TV shows using the voice remote, which has a dedicated Google Assistant button for voice control. You can also share your favorite content straight from your mobile devices with the built-in Chromecast.

As far as gaming is concerned, you get a 60Hz refresh rate, along with low input lag, which is sufficient for casual gaming. It also has three HDMI ports, which is a plus if you plan to connect it to multiple gaming systems.


Best Hisense TV in 2024 - our top picks (11)

Hisense A85H


  • OLED for less
  • VRR, ALLM, and low input lag
  • Infinite contrast


  • Not as punchy as LG C2 or C3 options

If you’re looking for the best OLED Hisense TV, we’d say it’s the Hisense 48A85HTUK.

OLED TVs from Hisense are actually pretty rare, with the likes of LG dominating in this area. This TV is almost like a budget LG C2, packing most of the features you’d expect from a TV that’s great for gaming.

Alongside its 120hz refresh rate, you’ve also got VRR, ALLM, and low input lag to keep things smooth even as the action heats up on the screen. This is great for fast-paced and more competitive gaming.

And of course, it’s an OLED TV, which means you’re getting infinite contrast. This is achievable as the TV doesn’t have a backlight, and the pixels can actually switch on and off. Once they’re off, it’s completely black, giving incredible contrast.

The selection isn’t huge for Hisense when it comes to OLED offerings, at least for now, but we do think this TV is a good option for those wanting OLED on a budget. Be sure to check out our top picks for the best OLED TVs for more options.

How to pick the best Hisense TV

While you’re browsing through Hisense TVs, here are some pointers that will make shortlisting easier for you.

Display Size

To determine the right display size for your room, you will have to do some quick math. Calculate the distance between your TV and your chair (or wherever you sit for watching TV) and then divide the resulting number by 2. For example, if the distance is 120 inches, then the right TV size for you would be around 60 inches.

Display Type

If you look at the available Hisense TVs on the market, you will find different kinds of display technologies like LED, QLED, and OLED. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can go for any of these display types.

LED TVs are the more affordable ones, and you will find an LED TV within your budget. These TVs make use of backlighting, which makes them brighter, and they deliver decent contrast.

QLED TVs are like enhanced versions of LED TVs. QLED TVs use backlighting with quantum dots, so you get better contrast and dimming than LED TVs. The overall picture quality is better than LED, too.

You can also get QD-OLED TVs, which are a combination of Quantum Dot and OLED technology. They are typically brighter than OLED and some of the best QD-OLED TVs can be super expensive.

Meanwhile, OLED TVs are considered the best in terms of visuals. These TVs make use of self-lit pixels, which deliver stunning picture quality and high contrast. Usually, OLED TVs are quite expensive compared to QLED TVs.


Ideally, you should go for the highest possible resolution in your budget to get an immersive viewing experience – especially if you’re buying a bigger screen, like 60 inches or 70 inches. The good news is that 4K has become quite common, so you should be able to find a 4K TV within your budget. With that being said, if you’re buying a smaller TV, like 32 inches, then an FHD resolution should be sufficient to give you sharp visuals. Plus, an FHD TV will cost less than a 4K one, which makes it a good option if you have a limited budget.

Gaming Features

If you want to play video games on your TV regularly, then there are a few features that make your gaming experience better. Some TVs come with a high refresh rate, like 120Hz and even 144Hz, which makes your games smooth. Plus, you also get VRR support and ALLM, which should give you tear-free and lag-free gaming.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s our expert take on some of the most commonly asked questions for those looking for a Hisense TV.

Is Hisense a good brand of TV?

In short, yes. Hisense may not go neck and neck with the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony, but they do deliver the goods at their price range and offer some excellent user-centric features too.

What are the disadvantages of Hisense TVs?

To be honest, it’ll come down to the technology and build quality. For example, you may find that the chipset in a Hisense TV isn’t quite as good as one found in a Samsung TV, which can have an effect on things like 4K upscaling, audio enhancements, and smoothing out on-screen motion. That being said, these will only really be visible to an expert eye, and most people won’t notice any substantial difference.

In terms of technology, since LG and Samsung actually make the panels for their TVs (for the most part) you’re likely to find the latest technology with these brands, rather than with Hisense – at least to start. That means that if you’re sticking with a Hisense TV, you may have to wait for technology like OLED to become more readily available later down the line.

And when it comes to build quality, sure, these TVs may not be as sleek as the likes of LG, Samsung, or Sony, but for the price…who cares!

Where can you find the best Hisense TV deals?

If you want the best prices on Hisense TVs we’d say that Black Friday is the way to go. Check in our Black Friday smart TV deals list for more.

Our Verdict

Overall, we think that the 55-inch Hisense U7 TV is a top pick. The TV comes with a 4K QLED display, which delivers high picture quality. And with Hisense’s ULED, you can expect the visuals to be brighter, smoother, and more vibrant. You also get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which should be suitable for your home theatre setup. For gaming, you get a 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 compatibility, which makes it a good choice for frequent gamers.

Best Hisense TV in 2024 - our top picks (2024)


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