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In order to make your visits to My Meet Scores as easy and cool as possible, we collect information when you visit us. We believe an understanding of what information My Meet Scores collects online and how My Meet Scores uses that information is important to all visitors to our Website, and the following privacy policy statement summarizes those practices.
This privacy policy statement applies only to the information collected online by My Meet Scores.

Information Collected Online

General Browsing
My Meet Scores gathers navigational information about where visitors go on our Website. This information allows us to see which areas of our Website are most visited and helps us improve the quality of your online experience by recognizing and delivering more of the most desired features and services. Additional non-personally identifiable information (for example, domain type, browser version, service provider, IP address) may be collected which will provide information regarding the general use of our Website.
Using Information We Collect Online
All information available, is collected online from other sources publishing this very same information, such as Gymnastics Meet Sites and USA Gymnastics affiliated sites. We use information collected online to display results only.
Information We Share With Third PartiesSince we do not collect any email addresses, we do not share any data with Third parties.
If My Meet Scores were ever merged with, acquired by or acquires another business entity, some or all of the information collected would be shared with this entity, as well as retained by My Meet Scores. Other than this acquisition or sale, My Meet Scores does not sell or rent any information to unrelated third parties.

1. What Are Cookies and How Do We Use Cookies?
My Meet Scores uses a browser feature known as a cookie, which assigns a unique identification to your computer. The cookies are typically stored on your computer's hard drive. Information collected from cookies is used by My Meet Scores to evaluate the effectiveness of our Website, analyze trends and administer the Website. The information collected from cookies allows us to determine such things as which parts of our Website are most visited and difficulties our visitors may experience in accessing our Website. With this knowledge, we can improve the quality of your experience on our Website by recognizing and delivering more of the most desired features and information, as well as by resolving access difficulties. In addition, My Meet Scores uses cookies to help keep track of items you put into your shopping cart and to tell us whether you have visited My Meet Scores in the past.
2. Third Party Cookies
We use third-party service provider(s) to assist us in better understanding the use of our Website. Our service provider(s) will place cookies on your computer and will receive information that we select that will educate us on such things as how visitors navigate around our Website, and what features are most used. Our service provider(s) analyzes this information and provides us with aggregate reports. The information and analysis provided by our service provider(s) will be used to assist us in better understanding our visitors' interests in our Website and how to better serve those interests. The information collected by our service provider(s) may be linked to and combined with information that we collect about you while you are visiting our Website.

Privacy Of Children
My Meet Scores is not directed at anyone under the age of 13, and no one under the age of 13 should provide personal information on this Website. Since the website is not sharing personal information (DOB, home addresses, gym addresses), displaying results for children under the age of 13 is acceptable and in regulations with USA Gymnastics organization. Please refer to more information related to this here.

For your convenience and enjoyment, our Website may contain links to other websites. My Meet Scores does not evaluate and is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. We would urge you to review the privacy policies on each link to ensure that you are comfortable with their privacy policies and practices.

Updates to Privacy Policy
As we continue to offer our visitors new and different types of content and services, My Meet Scores may modify our information collection, use or disclosure practices. Should there be a material change to our information collection, use or disclosure practices, it will be applied only to information collected on a going forward basis, and we will update this privacy policy statement.

Security Statement
My Meet Scores limits the number of employees that have access to the databases that contain personal data, and My Meet Scores employees are advised of the importance of confidentiality.
Supported Web Browsers
My Meet Scores supports the following Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, and Apple Safari 3.0+. Additionally, some of the site content requires Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later.

Updated: December, 2022

Help - (2024)


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