Which Camp is Right For Your Gymnast? (2024)


  • 1 Beam Queen Bootcamp
  • 2 Camp Woodward
  • 3 International Gymnastics Camp
  • 4 Flip Fest
  • 5 College Camps
    • 5.1 Auburn University
    • 5.2 University of California Los Angeles
    • 5.3 University of North Carolina Tar Heel Camp
    • 5.4 Oklahoma University
    • 5.5 University of Utah

Summertime is fast approaching, and when school is out what do most gymnasts dream of? More time in the gym, of course! No matter what level your child is there are multiple camp options and we’ve got a rundown of some of some of the most popular gymnastics camps around the country where your athlete can safely learn skills, make new friends, and have a blast!

Beam Queen Bootcamp

Founded by former Olympic gymnast, Sam Peszek, this traveling camp offers gymnasts the opportunity to spend two days focusing solely on training for beam. Designed to be a fun, high-energy experience, the camp provides plenty of emphasis on skills and drills, but also on dance, confidence building, and performance. Sessions include working with a judge, a choreographer, and a mental performance coach. Beam Queen Bootcamp events take place at gyms across the country and are held during back-to-back days with no overnight options. The coaching staff changes for different events around the country, but typically includes former Olympians and NCAA gymnasts. The camp is geared toward levels 3-10, and Xcel Silver and up. Registration is $350, or $405 for the VIP ticket, and merchandise is available for purchase through the website, including Beam Queen Bootcamp leotards. Visit www.beamqueenbootcamp.com for dates and locations.

Camp Woodward

Woodward has been running summer gymnastics camps for over fifty years, and has recently partnered with two-time Olympic gymnast, Aly Raisman, to design their current camp curriculum. While the main focus is on developing gymnastics skills, other activities include swimming, horseback riding, Go Karts, a climbing wall, yoga, and a ropes course. With a facility that provides over 65,000 feet of gym space, Woodward features state of the art equipment and coaches who come some of the top private gyms around the country along with former Olympians and NCAA gymnasts. Available to both boys and girls ages 7 to 17, regardless of level, campers stay in cabins and are grouped with kids of their own age and gender. Camp sessions run for one week, beginning on a Sunday with pick-up the following Saturday, and the cost is $1399 per camper with group and team packages also available. Woodward has two locations, one in Woodward, PA, and one in Tehachapi, CA, both offering the same camp experience. Woodward also runs several other sports camps at the same location, including Skate, Cheer, BMX, and Parkour, giving gymnasts the opportunity to meet and socialize with kids in other sports. For more information visit www.woodwardpa.com.

International Gymnastics Camp

Founded in 1971, IGC has been hosting its gymnastics camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for generations and is the longest running ACA accredited gymnastics summer camp. Available to both boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 17, ICG offers programs for kids who have never done gymnastics up to elite level gymnasts. Coaches include former Olympians, and world and national team members. The camp offers three different tracks: the traditional schedule where each gymnast receives six coached rotations a day plus additional optional gym time in the evening; the recreational track, which provides gymnastics training in the morning followed by an afternoon of different recreational activities; or a day program geared toward campers ages 7 and 8. Campers stay in cabins based on age and gender, and in between training sessions kids can enjoy kayaking, gaga ball, water slides, arts and crafts, and a ropes course. Camp runs for one week from Sunday through Saturday, and the cost is $1495. While your child will get plenty of gymnastics training, they won’t be on their phones all week. IGC is a device-free campus, free of cell phones, iPads/tablets, laptops/computers, gaming devices, smartwatches and personal music playing devices. Instead, IGC staff post pictures daily for parents to check out, and campers have access to email and traditional mail. Check out www.internationalgymnastics.com to find out more.

Flip Fest

Located on Lake Francis in Crossville, TN, Flip Fest was founded in 2005 by former Olympic gymnasts John Macready and John, Roethlisberger. With special guest coaches including former Olympians and NCAA coaches, along with fully-equipped air conditioned facility, Flip Fest offers plenty of time working on skills and drills, but there is also a lot of emphasis on recreational lakeside fun. Activities include jet skis, campfires, scavenger hunts, swimming in the lake, arts and crafts, and laser tag. The camp is available to boys and girls ages 7 to 17 with ability levels ranging from recreational to elite. Campers sleep in air-conditioned cabins based on age and gender. The cost is $1099 for a week of camp beginning on a Sunday morning and ending with a Saturday pick-up. Flip Fest fills up fast, and, while registration is available for boys, there is currently a waitlist for girls for the summer of 2022. Flip Fest also offers a Ninja camp and a Cheer camp. For more information visit www.flipfest.com.

College Camps

Many of the top NCAA programs offer gymnastics camps during the summer where your gymnast can train in the same facilities as their NCAA idols. Some college camps are high-performance camps geared towards level 8 and above, and some are by invitation only.

Auburn University

Auburn University offers three different choices for their three-day summer camps: their Premier Camp, designed for levels 7 through Elite, Tiger Camp for levels 5 through 10, and Aubie Day Camps geared to girls ages 5 to 11 with level 4 skills or above. Visit www.auburngymnasticscamps.com to find out more.

University of California Los Angeles

UCLA has two-day summer camps for gymnasts ages 7 to 18, coached by current and former UCLA gymnasts. The day-camp program is recommended for levels 5 and up, while the high-performance camp is geared toward gymnasts level 8 and up. Visit www.uclabruins.com for more information.

University of North Carolina Tar Heel Camp

UNC has a couple of three-day camp options coached by North Carolina coaches and gymnasts: a high-performance camp that is recommended for gymnasts at least nine years of age, and levels 8 and up, and a camp for gymnasts of all levels between the ages of 9 and 18. For more info visit www.tarheelgymnasticscamps.com.

Oklahoma University

Oklahoma offers three sessions of their two-day camps throughout the summer for gymnasts ages 8 to 18. Coached by the OU Gymnastics team staff, this camp provides six hours of training for gymnasts of all abilities and levels. Check out www.championsgymcamp.com.

University of Utah

University of Utah’s Peak Performance Camp takes place over three days and is available to female campers ages 7 to 18 and is recommended for gymnasts who have competed level 4 or above. The camp is coached by current Utah gymnasts and the Utah coaching staff. To find out more, visit www.universityofutahgymnastics.com.

To find even more gymnastics camps near you, visit Gymnastics Camps USA at www.gymnasticscampsusa.com.

Which Camp is Right For Your Gymnast? (1)

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Which Camp is Right For Your Gymnast? (2024)


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